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Applications for PSEMT Registration

In the interest of fellowship, PSEMT welcomes applications for inclusion in the PSEMT Register from all interested individuals who have undergone training as an Emergency Medical Technician (irrespective of training scheme/school) provided they successfully complete the PSEMT Entry Examinations up to and for the required grade.

PSEMT Registration Fees

Initial Registration (for all grades) PhP 450.00
Annual Renewal Fee (for all grades) PhP 450.00
Annual Renewal Fee for expired registrations of more than six (6) months PhP 600.00

N. B. For members whose registrations that have been expired for two (2) years or more, please be advised, that with effect from February 2007, respective names will be excluded from the PSEMT Register. On request for re-instatement on the PSEMT Register, ex-members will be required to undertake the usual full written and practical exams for the required grade and achieve the minimum standard thereof. In addition to this re-instatement on the register will be subject to the following:

Examination Fee PhP 1,000.00

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