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Development of community Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the Philippines is basically in a embryotic stage, with satisfactory levels of service in only a few select locations, leaving the majority of Filipino's with little or nothing to offer in the way of pre-hospital emergency medical care. Needless to say, many people suffer and die each and every day due to this lack of emergency medical response, en-scene care and rapid transportation to established medical facilities.

Since the establishment of the Philippine Society of Emergency Medical Technicians (PSEMT) in 1998, we have been working tirelessly for the formation of a National Ambulance Service capable of providing around-the-clock pre-hospital emergency care for all citizens. The past year (2009-2010), has been a pivotal period in which we have been extremely active in the development of legislation aimed at this goal and our efforts have culminated in Senate Bill 3458 – An Act Institutionalizing an Emergency Medical Service System, Providing For The Establishment and Regulation of Professional Emergency Medical Technician Standards in the Country and For Other Purposes”. This Bill is now in the final approval stages within the Senate and we expect it to be fully approved and enacted as a law by the third quarter of 2010.

In line with the current lack of Community Emergency Medical Services and abovementioned Senate Bill, the PSEMT has established an Ambulance Foundation to raise the funds necessary to launch Emergency Medical Services starting from our Headquarters in Cubao, Quezon City, with the following aims in mind:
  • The provision of an effective twenty-four-hour Emergency Medical Response, initially to communities in the vicinity of Cubao, Quezon City, but targeting other areas as and when funding is available.

  • To set up a high-dependency patient transport system capable of safely and effectively transporting acute care patients from non-specialist medical facilities in the provinces to specialized medical facilities in Metro-Manila.

  • To provide a monitored teaching base where Emergency Medical Technician graduates can develop, through actual experience, the knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with patients suffering sudden serious illness or trauma.

To download an Adobe PDF file of Senate Bill No. 3458 - Emergency Medical Services Act click here

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